At Future Proof Care, we pride ourselves in our warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere at our practice.  We have a shared commitment and passion to deliver the best care possible.  Our aim is to help you from pain and dysfunction, to a more healthier, thriving life.

Some patients call us ‘miracle workers’, others call us ‘Body Mechanics’.  Chidi sometimes gets referred to as a ‘Witch’, John a ‘Genius’.  We even occasionally get classified as ‘physiotherapists’, but we are soon to correct people on that one!  Whatever patients call us, we simply do our best, however we can, to help you be the best version of you, in health, function and performance.

Though our team at Future Proof Care specialise in sports performance and sports injuries, we welcome patients from every walk of life: young, elderly, sedentary, active or office based (however you would describe your lifestyle).

Each person that presents to Future Proof Care with symptoms of back pain, neck pain, hip or shoulder pain (or whichever part of your body may be in discomfort), will not only have the presenting symptoms taken care of, you will be treated holistically.  We basically do a functional Body MOT.  where we try to ensure there are no other contributing factors holding your recovery back.

During your visits, we empower you through education and understanding of your body, to enable you to take more control of your health again.  Our aim is not only to restore function, but to restore hope, to help you reach your true potential.

Why Choose Future Proof Care?

At Future Proof Care, we listen!  We hear what you say; we hear what you sometimes don’t say, but more importantly, we hear what your body is trying to say.  We have the diagnostic abilities and techniques, to help you overcome what your body is preventing you from achieving.

Our practitioners have dealt with a wide range of presentations.  We strive to go beyond our training in Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Sports Massage.  We tailor each session to meet your needs and wants.  We are honest in our approach and we work together with you to achieve results.

At Future Proof Care we also know our limitations.  Should you present with something beyond our capabilities, or perhaps you’re not getting the results expected; we will refer you for scans or to a more suitable practitioner/medic.  Future Proof Care is about getting you better!

Do I have to be within ME19 postcode to be a patient?

We are delighted to say our patients are not only local to Kings Hill and West Malling.  Patients travel from Aylesford, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and as far as Canterbury, Sittingbourne and Deal. Others benefit from our services when they return from France and Spain for a visit!

There are a few patients we have recommended to see practitioners closer to where they reside, due to the acute nature of their presentation and the travelling undoing our good work. To this day, they still pop in to see us when they’re in the area.

Everyone is Welcome to Future Proof Care, as often or as little as you require.

We are here to help you!

What do you need help with?

If you are not sure if our practice is right for you, come in and talk to us. We offer a free, no obligation consultation. If our treatments are not indicated, we can advise you on a more appropriate course of action.