What is pain?

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and not functioning properly. Usually we don’t feel our body until there is a ‘problem’; Pain therefore is the body’s natural in-build alarm system to warn us and protect itself from further damage until it can either heal itself or a solution is found to rectify the problem.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of Pain can be described as: “discomfort, agony, aching, throbbing, pulsating, pinching, stabbing, sharp, numbness, burning, pins and needles, heaviness or weakness”, depending on the severity of the injury. It can be sudden, constant, intermittent, occasional or progressive and it can be ‘acute’ lasting from a few seconds to days.  It can be ‘chronic’ lasting weeks, months or even years.

Pain usually follows some sort of subtle dysfunction that you may be aware of and yet ignore/carry on whether it be weakness, restriction, twinging, tiredness, not feeling your best and can gradually have a significant effect on your life leading to anxiety and limitation.

How can you be helped?

It is important to source the cause of the pain/dysfunction, only then can it be dealt with effectively. At Future Proof Care, detecting the cause of the pain is the first step. The next step is establishing a treatment appropriate for your case.

Usually by restoring the body’s natural mechanics and releasing the tension in surrounding structures, pain is reduced and mobility regained and improved. Upon consultation, if it is established that your pain is beyond our scope of practice, you will be referred and advised accordingly for the appropriate therapy/investigations.