Back pain


What can be the cause?

Back pain can occur due to a trauma, poor posture, prolonged sitting, bending, lifting or carrying incorrectly. Fatigue of the muscles supporting the joints in the lower back can result in accumulative minor strains. Over a long period of time a simple sneeze, cough or bending can result in significant pain and ‘feels like it’s going to go’ when left untreated.

What do you feel?

Symptoms vary from person to person with some experiencing a dull ache and others sharp shooting pains with inability to move or walk comfortably. Numbness, sharp pain on movement, catching, tingling, pins and needles, weakness and stiffness may also be felt. Pain can radiate down the leg, even as far as the toes in some cases. There are often ‘warning signs’ from your body such as twinges, slight aching, stiffness and inability to get comfortable, difficulty going from sit to stand or standing/walking for long periods of time.

What to do?

If your back is trying to tell you something via pain or dysfunction, it is important to establish the source of the pain and receive treatment appropriate for your case. By restoring the body’s natural mechanics and releasing the tension in surrounding structures, pain can be reduced and mobility regained and improved.

If your pain is beyond the scope of Chiropractic or Osteopathy, you will be referred and advised accordingly for the appropriate  therapy/investigations

What would it be like to be pain free, functioning and enjoying ‘normal’ again?

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What do you need help with?

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