Nerve Pain and Sciatica

nerve_pain_and_scaWhat can be the cause?

Nerve pain can be caused by many different factors. The most common cause of acute onset of nerve pain is poor mechanics, posture or tightness in the muscles. Of course there are other factors which can cause nerve pain including an existing medical problem, increased toxins from alcohol consumption, nutritional deficiencies and trauma.

What do you feel?

Symptoms of nerve pain include numbness, tingling, pins and needles, sensation change or a sharp shooting pain and heaviness in a limb. Usually the body becomes restricted in movement leaving it difficult to become comfortable and it tends to worsen with time with little effect from pain killers.


Sciatica is nerve entrapment either by a bulging disc, muscular entrapment or poor mechanics in the lower back. Symptoms of sciatica/nerve pain vary from mild to extreme shooting pain from the lower back through the buttocks and into the legs/feet. This pain gradually worsens and intensifies with standing or sitting for long periods of time, coughing, laughing, sneezing or bending. Numbness, tingling and weakened muscles can also be a factor which can make you feel fatigued and anxious.

What to do?

If you are suffering from nerve pain, it is worth having a consult with us to establish its cause.  If your pain is beyond the scope of Chiropractic or Osteopathy, you will be referred and advised accordingly for the appropriate  therapy/investigations.

If it is within our scope, we can work with you to help restore your body to its natural mechanics and relieve muscle tightness enabling the body to self-heal and regulate; as well as discuss the best way to prevent re-occurrence.

What would it be like to be pain free, functioning and enjoying ‘normal’ again?

Call Future Proof Care at Kingshill, West Malling now, where either John Stewart or Chidi Lynn will be happy to assess you, to see if your  nerve pain or sciatica is something we can help with.  Tel:  01732 897550

What do you need help with?

If you are not sure if our practice is right for you, come in and talk to us. We offer a free, no obligation consultation. If our treatments are not indicated, we can advise you on a more appropriate course of action.