Shoulder pain


What can be the cause?

Shoulder pain can occur due to over use, poor posture, trauma or tissue damage from a previous injury which can result in frozen shoulder, instability and rotator cuff disorders and impingement syndrome.

What do you feel?

Symptoms of shoulder pain can include ‘catching’, sharp pain, a dull ache or restricted movement and can often radiate down the arm or towards the shoulder blade/neck. It can impact on a person’s life as the pain is often triggered by movement making daily tasks like putting on a coat, reaching difficult, even brushing your hair, resulting in frustration and anxiety. Often people receive injections into the shoulder which usually only gives temporary relief.

What to do?

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, it is worth having a consult with us to establish its cause. If your pain is beyond the scope of Chiropractic or Osteopathy, you will be referred and advised accordingly for the appropriate  therapy/investigations.

If it is within our scope, we can work with you to help restore your body to its natural mechanics and relieve muscle tightness enabling the body to self-heal and regulate; as well as discuss the best way to prevent re-occurrence.

What would it be like to be pain free, functioning and enjoying ‘normal’ again?

Call Future Proof Care at Kingshill, West Malling now, where either John Stewart or Chidi Lynn will be happy to assess you, to see if your shoulder pain is something we can help with.  Tel:  01732 897550


What do you need help with?

If you are not sure if our practice is right for you, come in and talk to us. We offer a free, no obligation consultation. If our treatments are not indicated, we can advise you on a more appropriate course of action.