After having suffered with a trapped nerve in my shoulder for over five week, my daughter Lara advised me to contact Chidi who had treated her after a car accident. The nerve in my shoulder had developed a nagging dull pain and was not affected by normal pain relief and anti inflammatory drugs. Despite being prescribed stronger versions by my GP nothing seemed to have any lasting effects. I have to admit that I was somewhat sceptical but being at my wits end, I decided to see if Chidi was able to assist me. My scepticism was totally unfounded. Chidi was totally professional, knowledgeable and understanding. After my first consultation I was made to feel at ease immediately and she went on to explain how the injury I had sustained had developed and had become apparent in other parts of my body due to my body trying to compensate for the injury.

Chidi massaged and manipulated various joints, muscles and other parts of my body and I felt relief almost immediately. I have subsequently had a further four meetings with her and each time I have felt in much less pain and can finally move freely. I am also sleeping much better as I am not being woken up in pain after perhaps lying awkwardly.

I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Chidi and in fact I have passed her contact details onto others whom I know in need of her services

Joanne Sargeant


I first went to see Chidi about my painful shoulder which I injured from a fall a few weeks previous. During the consultation we also discussed the cramps I was getting in my feet which I had for several months, my low back pain and the tightness in my hamstrings and outsides of my legs.

After only 12 visits I can walk for an unlimited amount of time with no cramps in my feet, which gives me so much more freedom. I can use my arms with no pain when reaching for things and stretching. I can bend down and touch my toes and I no longer suffer from cramp and tightness in my legs like I used to. I have a general feeling of wellbeing. I am sleeping better and I am able to do more in the gym as I am no longer restricted.

Chidi is very easy to talk to, pleasant and knowledgeable. She makes it easy to talk about your problems. I like the fact that when I go with a problem, it’s not just that problem that is dealt with in isolation. I am looked at and treated holistically and everything is dealt with, in each session quickly and efficiently.

I would definitely advise coming to see Chidi, have an examination, listen to what she says and act on the information given.

Pat Burden

I suffered from elbow pain for 5/6 weeks which prevented me from using my left hand properly. I couldn’t reach the top shelves of cupboards and had a lot of difficulty lifting any sort of weight in the gym. I was taking nurofen tablets prior to gym workouts which didn’t really help. I met Chidi in the gym and discussed my problem which she assured me she could help within a few treatments. I was sceptical because I had worked with an osteopath before and didn’t feel any particular benefit. During the consultation I found she understood and explained my condition very clearly. It was found that I had tennis elbow. I received 3 treatments over a 2 week period and the results enabled me to go back to the gym and workout as normal without any pain or medication.

Chidi educated me on the importance of listening to my body and how to best position my arm when lifting weights. I would recommend Chidi for any sports related injuries as she not only looks at the joints but works with the muscles as well and educates on best practise to prevent re-occurrence.

Richard Penn


My name is Lara Sargeant and I am a 20 year old hair stylist. A few years ago I was injured in a car accident which damaged my left shoulder, arm and pelvis. the pain from the accident was initially dealt with prescribed pain relief but over the months nothing seemed to be able to combat the symptoms. some tablets worked for a little while and some had a little or no effect. i put up with this pain for some time thinking nothing could be done and i just learned to live with it.

It was during my work as a hair stylist I discovered Chidi. I arranged for a consultation with her at her practice and was so glad that I did. Chidi made me feel welcome and relaxed. After a consultation, examination and explanation of my symptoms, she manipulated my back, neck and shoulders and immediately I felt a difference. Chidi explained to me how and why I was still having these aches and pains and how a regular meeting with her would benefit me in the long term. I must agree that since being treated by Chidi, the pain in my neck and shoulders have virtually ceased and I am now able to move around more freely.

I have a regular visit to Chidi and each time I feel better and better. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her. Her consultation, treatment and aftercare are second to none.

Lara Sargeant


I had constant back pain and neck pain which was affecting every area of my life and preventing me from leading a normal active life. I had constant tension in my neck and shoulders for almost 2 years. I was using pain killers regularly but this was starting to make me drowsy and as a professional driver this was not good. I was introduced to Chidi by a friend who had been suffering similar symptoms. Chidi was very helpful and explained what was causing my pain. Long hours driving was restricting my spine combined with tension in my neck and shoulders. Chidi was able to adjust me and free my joints giving me almost instant relief. I have now taken steps to change jobs as this is the cause of the problems. My back pain is almost gone completely. I would highly recommend everyone visit Chidi and if you are in pain GO NOW!

Nick Robus

I originally went to see a physio with neck, shoulder and back pain. After two years of no improvement, it was suggested that I see Chidi who took on my case. By this time the back pain was also causing problems in my stomach and legs and a lack of energy. After 3 months of regular treatments by Chidi, my energy levels had risen and the neck and shoulder pain had cleared.

The lower back pain is now controlled by monthly visits to Chidi for treatment. My general well being has vastly improved.

Chidi puts you at ease with her friendly personality and is very professional, she always gives you 100% and you are never pushed out due to a lack of time.

Martin Chittenden

I have had back pain on and off over the years. My recent problems have been:

Regular headaches and Tinnitus.

I have worked for the NHS as a Support Worker, working with adults with learning disabilities and severe physical disabilities. I was also a Taxi driver which I feel have contributed to my back issues. A friend recommended Chidi to me and as the pain had been really bad and my headaches becoming more regular, I thought I’d try as driving was becoming more and more difficult. This time I felt that the care I received was extremely thorough, not like before and explanations were far more helpful. I did not realise how bad things had got and not just down to bad posture…stress and hormonal issues were also playing a big part.

With the treatments and following Chidi’s advice, there’s a great difference in how I feel now. I’m looking after myself more and have changed my lifestyle to help reduce stress. I have also increased my fitness to support my core muscles. My headaches are rare now instead of weekly!

I wish I’d had experienced this level of care before.  I have recommended Chidi to many of my friends.

Nicola Morgan



(My drawings are the best! Chidi, you have to let her adjust you Because she is the best! You really want her. Even I love her! She is the best adjusting person ever. From Belle)

I had a sore hip which kept clicking when I was in certain positions. It was very uncomfortable to put pressure on and I was suffering with it for about a year. Previously I had researched stretches and methods to help the hip movement and then a friend recommended Chidi. I had a consultation which involved physical tests to see what the problem was. My hip was not moving properly due to tight muscles. I was thoroughly told what the issue was and was given specific exercises and stretches to improve along side the treatment. My hip now has less pain and discomfort and feels free with an increased range of motion so enables me to train to a much further extent.

The treatments I’ve been having are amazing. Chidi is awesome and makes you feel welcome at every visit. I have already referred two people after 4 visits with Chidi and will continue.

Daine Finch


I was in severe pain, I couldn’t walk properly I, couldn’t work, I was very depressed. I was taking paracetamol with naproxen 4 times a day. Lower back pain, shooting pain down the right leg. Stiff neck. Driving to work one day, I sneezed and got a sharp pain in my lower back and I couldn’t get out of the car. My mum recommended Chidi who was very sympathetic towards my condition. She explained exactly what was going on with my back and what would happen in the sessions in terms of progression and what I should and shouldn’t do.

Chidi did loads of tests, a full back analysis and she found that I had a bulging disc, my spine was out of alignment and my hips were twisted. She recommended 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks which progressed to twice a week and I am currently down to once a month. I was given a support belt in the beginning which enabled me to continue to work and walk for longer. I was also given planking exercises once my spine stabilised which were really hard but they worked to strengthen my core and support my lower back .

After a few sessions I was vertical and able to walk and I could go back to work after 2 weeks. Within 2 months I was back to “normal” which was brilliant considering I was in a sorry state. We use a ‘laughometer’ as a measurement of progress – before it hurt my back to laugh (and cough) and now I can laugh (and cough) more comfortably again which makes each session more fun.

I 100% recommend Chidi to anyone, my whole family come to her now – she’s brilliant!

Tamzyn Smith


Prior to seeing Chidi I was suffering from upper back stiffness, postural problems, and restricted movement around my neck and upper back areas. this had been aggravated by a car accident which had occurred six months previous. i had undertaken physiotherapy treatment which helped to a limited extent; this helped with basic isometrics, but wasn’t able to address my posture issues fully.

I found out about Chidi through word of mouth – I understood that Chidi was able to address these types of issues but had no idea how significant the impact may be, or how professionally she would address this. My experience of the original consultation and examination was informative and useful, and it was found that there were issues with nerve responses through several of my neck and middle-back vertebrae.

Chidi took me through a variety of exploratory tests to help diagnosis of the issues. As a result, I am much more aware of my body mechanics when conducting day to day activities and whilst exercising, and what will have a negative, as well as a positive impact on these activities.

The condition has improved hugely and positive improvements occurred after the first treatment. I am now consciously able to adapt my posture and use corrective exercises where necessary, particularly when I have extended periods in front of a PC or laptop.

If in any doubt about the benefits of treatment – simply take the time to consult with Chidi – you will learn more in that time than you could ever have expected. I had no idea how much the adjustments would help me improve my comfort and effectiveness on a daily basis.

Geoff Alexander

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